What is Pental Accounting?

  • Additional dimensions of double-entry accounting
  • It does not exist separately, it is an integral part of double-entry accounting

How it was created?

  • It was not invented but was discovered
  • It has been in existence since the beginning of double-entry accounting

What is it based on and why the name Pental Accounting?

  • It stands on 5 pillars
  • The accounting is doing in a Pental way:
    Amount MD DAL Minus Plus 

What is the Pental equation?

Profit/Loss - Minus + Plus = Money

  • The Minus Plus is the exact answer to the question of why it is not equal to or equal to the profit/loss of money.
  • The Minus Plus in the pental equation can be used multiple times for one accounting transaction, for example Profit/Loss - Minus + Plus - Minus + Plus = Money

For whom is the Pental Accounting intended?

  • For those who want to read more information not only in relation to money

Do I need to change my current billing methods?

  • You do not have to
  • No new analytics or any other method of correcting accounting documents are required

Is that a lot of extra work for me?

  • No, but it depends on the solution in your accounting program

Where do I find out more about the Pental accounting?

  • In Pental Accounting (2009), author: Ing. Jiří Dušek.